Teen Girls Empowerment and Yoga

Sometimes girls just want to have fun, but sometimes they want connection and understanding. In a small group setting, young girls can have both. This group is for any young girl who would benefit from a small group that focuses on topics that are important to them and are interested in exploring inner strengths and healthy risk-taking in a safe space.

Contact Nicole for information on the next scheduled group.


Topics to be discussed can include social pressures and social media, handling expectations of adults and friends, finding courage to speak your truth in a way that is honest and kind.


Yoga practice will be used to explore movement in the body, linking breath to movement and finding healthy coping strategies in areas of mindfulness, self-acceptance and control. Yoga is also a safe and fun way to explore inner physical and mental strength.


Each group will be scheduled for 3-4 days of an identified week, with each group being 2 hours.

The first hour will allow for group connection, discussion and skill building. The second hour will be focused on a physical yoga practice to integrate what is learned into the body experience.

Contact Nicole if you’re interested in being added to the list for the next group!