I completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Nicole Zimmer at Pink Lotus Yoga Center located in Lexington, SC. My training, which focused on Vinyasa style of yoga, provided me the foundational knowledge and experience of linking movement and breath with yogic philosophy and human anatomy. My journey for additional learning and experience is aligned with my belief that people function best when they address their whole health needs. I focus my training in areas that expand my knowledge of the physical practice as well as how yoga impacts our emotional and mental health. I also have and continue to receive training on trauma-informed yoga and how these practices can be utilized in the healing from traumatic experiences.

For public classes, I highly recommend you check our the amazing crew at PLYC!

Private Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions ~ Rate: $60/60min session

Private yoga can be a great way to feel more confident as you begin your yoga journey or as a way to fine tune your existing practice.

Call or email for prices for small group (2-4) sessions or for packages.

Yoga for recovery: Substance Use disorders, trauma and anxiety

There is recovery and then there is recovering well.


Yoga for recovery

Recovering from substance use disorders, trauma or managing an existing anxiety disorder can be assisted by incorporating practices of yoga. Through safe, gentle guided practice that focuses on safety, control and choice I can assist individuals in incorporating yoga into their toolbox for managing their recovery needs.



Yoga associated with any recovery process requires an initial assessment where we discuss your presenting challenge, your goals and a brief evaluation of your current physical wellness.


private sessions

Following an assessment, yoga practices are done on an individual basis and provide the individual with safe and easy take home practices to facilitate healing.

If you are a treating professional working with individuals recovering from trauma and would like to coordinate on their care by incorporating trauma-informed yoga, please feel free to reach out to me.


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