Therapy Services


Individual therapy

Individual Therapy ~ Rate: $100/55min session

Therapy as an individual focuses on your unique challenges, goals and desires. I work with you as the primary client to guide the process towards goals you set for yourself. I utilize a strengths based approach that believes you already have within you the skills, resources and attributes necessary to be successful, so my job is to help you uncover them and begin to tap into them. I am a strong believer in self-compassion, self-care, mindfulness and creating a mindset that leads you to your goals.

couples Therapy

Couples Therapy ~ Rate: $125/55min session

Relationships require effort and whether you feel you are experiencing some challenges in your relationship or would like to build skills to minimize future challenges, couples therapy is a way to carve out time dedicated to your relationship. I work on communication, support, allowing the strengths of the relationship to establish realistic expectations and healthy boundaries so that both individuals feel seen, heard and loved both as a partner as well as an individual.

Due to the nature of my practice, I do not engage in couples therapy specifically for court related, separation or divorce purposes.

family therapy

Family Therapy ~ Rate: $125/55 min session

Families can experience hardship and want to learn and grow together through those challenges. Family therapy is a unique way to come together to solve a problem, address a concern and ensure everyone has a voice. In family therapy opportunities to communicate, listen and truly hear differing sides of an experience allow new ways to address the concern through compromise, compassion and mutual care.


All services are billed as self-pay. I do not file insurance but do provide monthly SuperBill documents that allow you to easily file claims with your insurance company for reimbursement.

I am a provider for First Sun EAP; please contact your EAP representative to access your benefits.