Nicole's Favorite (Mostly Free) Things!

Here is a list of some of my favorite, and mostly free resources that I love to share with people. If you utilize any of them, I’d love to hear if you found them helpful! And as I come across new things that I want to share, I will update this post so resources are easy to find.

  • Yoga with Adriene: You can find her online or my favorite way to connect with her is through her YouTube page. I initially found Adriene after several months of kinda intense training and she was offering a 30-day yoga challenge. I figured it would be a great way to come down from my training and tend to my physical needs in a different way. Adriene is funny, competent, human and shares yoga in a way that is understandable and relatable. To me she is a perfect combination of integrity and humanity in practicing yoga.

  • Brene Brown: ok, this is one of those mostly free resources. There are many ways to get to know the work of Brene Brown. She has written several books, she has several different videos and TedTalks available online and a pretty freaking fabulous Netflix special called The Call to Courage. Brene touches on the human experiences of shame, vulnerability, risk taking, and being a better partner, parent, leader and human. She asks us to show up and to have the audacity of showing up as ourselves - flaws and all! So I say mostly free because you can find her books in libraries and she has an amazing website as well as many videos out there of her talking about her work. Obviously if you want the books for yourself (which you will!) or don’t already have Netflix you would have to pay for that, but for the content you get out of those things, I believe it’s well worth the money.

  • Breath Work: here’s the deal and the primary reason I teach folks the power of their own breath. It is hands down the only resource that you can guarantee to have access to at all times no matter where you are. You can literally choose to become more aware and to link up with your breath for a specific purpose at any time. Walking into a serious meeting - take a breath. About to have that hard conversation - take a breath. Is your kid throwing a tantrum and you feel like you’re about to as well - take a breath. Nervous about walking into a new experience for the first time - take a breath. You get the point. Now there are a lot of ways to practice breathing and some cool biology behind why it works, but for now what I would encourage you to do is to practice deep breaths that fill you all the way up to the point that your belly expands. Those suckers are called belly breaths and just a few of them can help start shifting things in a subtle but powerful way.

  • Podcasts: I think podcasts in general can be a great resource, because it’s kinda like an intents library of options. Depending on your mood and what you’re looking for, you can search and locate inspiration, motivation, ideas, skills and information. Here’s a list of one’s I loved the most and listened to more than once.

    • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: Marianne Williamson: The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships.

    • Yoga Talk Podcast #63: The Yoga of Moderation with Bryan Kest

    • Conversations from the Heart with Yoga Girl: How to Balance Struggle and Ease

  • YouTube: YouTube is another way that you can gain access to a whole lot of information and inspiration. Truth be told there are also a lot of cat videos which just provide silly joy; in my book that’s never a bad thing. Here are some of my favorite videos found on YouTube that I believe share powerful and meaningful messages.

    • - The Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight: This is a great 12 minute video that focuses on your capacity to set boundaries and limits with what you give your time, energy, money and resources to. Be mindful of who you play this around due to language. ;)

    • - Brene Brown on Empathy: This is a short cartoon based clip that talks about the qualities of empathy and how to communicate it to others. This can offer huge insight into how you express empathy in your relationships in a way that can be helpful.

    • - We don’t “move on” from grief. We move forward with it. Nora McInerny: This is a powerful discussion of how grief and loss becomes a part of us that we don’t ever move on from but impacts us as we move forward. Nora McInerny provides a humorous and compassionate way of accepting loss of significant people in your life.