Update on My Early Mornings!

So it’s been a few weeks since I made the decision to get back on track with an early morning rise. Here’s how it’s going and what I’ve been doing in case you’re wondering (which you’re probably not) or in case you’re working on it yourself and find something I’m doing to be helpful (which is more likely)!

So my alarm has been pretty consistently set at 5:30am during the week for about the last 3 weeks now. I’ve not bumped it back earlier because for right now, I’m having good results with a 5:30 alarm.

Most days I’m actually out of bed by 5:45-5:50. At first I was downing myself for hitting snooze or taking my time in bed, but I’ve realized that allowing myself to wake up slowly is really nice. I’m not slamming my alarm off and jumping out of bed. I lay there, stretch, snuggle up for a few more minutes if it’s feeling chilly, I let my mind start become awake before I force my physical body. I’ve come to really enjoy those few minutes and have found waking up to be it’s own process. It’s nice.

Once I’m up I’ve had a few things I’ve gotten into a pattern of doing. I actually made a list of all the things I wanted more time to do when I started this process. Stretch, meditate, start my to-do list, organize my thoughts and day ahead, journal ideas, etc. I can’t say that I hit all of those every morning. But I am pretty consistent with some combination of those. But coffee comes first.

So here’s the thing about me and coffee. I really, really like it. I mean, I could drink it all day if I didn’t end up with a horrible caffeine rage in my body. But I do really like it, so I’ve been enjoying it more. Once I get up and actually out of bed and into the kitchen, I make the coffee and drink it first for enjoyment. I know the caffeine is going to start to perk me up, but in those first few minutes it just tastes good and is warm and comforting. During that time I try to check my calendar and schedule for the day so I can begin the process of aligning with my day mentally. This has been helpful because sometimes I gone from the house for a full 12 hours an every rarely are any two days alike, which means I have to be pretty intentional about what I’m going to eat that day, what I need to take with me, what my kid might need from me, etc. So taking some time to get my mind wrapped around the day ahead has been helpful.

While I have my calendar, I’ve started writing out an intention statement for my day. I’ve not jumped into journaling full force. To be honest, that’s not something that has ever come easy or consistently for me; but, I have found success most mornings with writing out an intention statement. As I think about my day ahead and what I’m feeling mentally, emotionally and physically I create a statement that says what I intend to do or be throughout my day. They are usually pretty short and pretty simple, but I think of it as setting my tone for the day.

I’ve also found that in that extra time in the morning I’m able to get a few extra household things in - you know all the boring and dreadful stuff that takes to run a household. I remember to take something out for dinner, I sweep the floor, I water my plants. While none of those things are life changing, they help me feel less frazzled and less like I’m neglecting some of the things that I do actually find important to be done. It also makes the to-do list more manageable on days that I do have a bit more time since I’ve done a few extra things throughout the week.

Added perks, some mornings I’m getting in a morning run or walk or easy yoga practice. I’m finding myself challenged here a bit because I don’t like running alone when it’s so dark out and with the changing season it’s still pretty dark out even getting close to 7:00 so I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do about that, because I have really enjoyed that time when I’ve done it. This may look different with daytime savings in a few months, so I’m willing to be flexible with it. I think that’s kind of been key for me to be honest.

But all in all I’m liking the early morning and I’m pretty content at the moment with a 5:30am alarm. I might go earlier in the future if there’s a need, but I have no current plan to change that for the next week or two at least. It is definitely meeting the overall goal of making my mornings less busy and rushed, which results in just a better morning and start to my day.

If anyone else has been working their early morning or has tips/tricks or helpful ways that they spend their time in the morning, I’d love to hear about it!

With peace, grace and an early morning brave heart,